Managed a commercial for Outback Steakhouse not too long ago.  We literally lit a billboard on fire!  Big thanks to the Glendale Fire Department, everyone at Harvest, and Baker Smith!

Read an article by on the commercial HERE!


-Lisa White


Worked on this spot a couple months ago for Smuggler Productions.  Great working with Director Adam Berg; as always!

Read more information on the commercial at HERE.

-Geoff White

Another Mercedes commercial I managed.  Thanks again to everyone at Smuggler Productions and to the stunt driver for pushing the car to the limit!

-Geoff White

Managed this Mercedes-Benz commercial a short while ago for Smuggler Productions.

-Geoff White

Still can’t believe the new Chevy Sonic went bungee-jumping!  There’s always a first time for everything!  We both feel very humbled that the commercial was aired during the Super Bowl.  Great working with everyone involved!

Also, Be sure to watch the video below specifically documenting the bungee jump!

-Geoff & Lisa White

Another successful Nissan commercial!  Such a pleasure managing with the Harvest Films crew, as always! (Besides the 120 degree heat!)

-Lisa White

“If you’re the type of nut-job MacGyver with delusions of heroism who fantasizes about speeding onto a runway to catch an ailing commercial jetliner in the bed of your pickup truck, Nissan suggests considering its Frontier model.”

-Gabriel Beltrone of

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Ironically, I actually managed 11 episodes of MacGyver from 1986-1987!  Twenty-Six years later and I am still at it!  Big thanks to the entire crew at Harvest Films and everyone at Nissan for their hard work and dedication in contributing to the production of this commercial!

-Lisa White